Covered in flour

I have a friend whose husband works for the famous Little Debbie snack cakes. He used to work on the factory floor diagnosing and repairing equipment. He loved it. He was so good at it that they promoted him to Management.

My friend was saying that she knows how good her husband’s day has been by how much flour is on his clothes when he gets home. If his clothes are clean, she knows he’s mostly been doing administrative work in his office all day. If he’s covered in flour, she knows he’s been on the floor doing what he really loves.

If you are someone who loves designing, creating, or fixing things, I think it’s really important to keep doing those things even if you’ve worked your way in a “better” position.

For me, it’s making great videos. Sometimes I can use those videos in my marketing efforts. Sometimes I can’t.

What is it for you? Are you happier when you come home “covered in flour?”