Will Seth Godin become irrelevant? (Updated)

[ UPDATE: Seth just posted this on his blog today: Delivering blogs via Twitter]

Before you kidnap me and bust my kneecaps, let me say that I think Seth Godin is one of the preeminent marketing minds of our time. If you haven’t read him, click away right now and go read his blog. In fact, read it every day.

Here’s what Seth does: He has a blog, writes books, and speaks to very select audiences.

Here’s what Seth doesn’t do: Everything else.

Seth Godin doesn’t tweet, he doesn’t use Facebook, he doesn’t try to make viral YouTube videos. Basically, he doesn’t do anything that marketing experts say you must do in the current social media landscape to be relevant.

According to the social media barometer, Seth Godin is irrelevant.

Yet, he is still widely considered one of the leading marketing experts of our time. But how can a leading marketing expert openly refrain from the use of tools that are absolutely changing the way the world finds and shares information?

Seth is very open about why he doesn’t use social media. He wants to write the best marketing blog in the world and he considers everything else noise. But people are finding information differently now. They are finding new ideas in the noise.

My concern for Seth is that by refusing to embrace these new channels of communication, he’s missing opportunities to reach new people. Sure, those who know about Seth will probably always read his blog and buy his books. I guess what I’m saying is that it would be refreshing for Seth’s voice to be part of the social media conversation (his real voice, not the clunky blog feed from @sethsaid on Twitter).

Seth’s ideas continue to be timeless. His delivery may be losing ground.

What do you think?