The Power of Story

I just finished a great book called ‘The Power of Story’ by Jim Loehr. Thanks to Jacob for letting me borrow it!

I think it’s important to share the things we are learning, so here is what I am taking away from this book (these are kind of random, but so I am):

The three rules of storytelling

1. Purpose
2. Truth
3. Action

With those three principles in your pocket, you can summon your deepest intelligence and wisdom to protect yourself from all forms of sinister indoctrination and faulty storytelling, bad influences from without and within; armed with those three principles, you are virtually guaranteed to keep your story vital, moving, productive, fulfilling.

The flaws on our stories simply cannot happen unless we let them happen. And we let them happen by remaining unalert, often willingly. We look the other way until we can’t.

The core values and beliefs we hold are not ‘the’ truth, of course, but rather ‘our’ truth, representing critical elements only to our story. Morality is kaleidoscopic. “We do not see things as they are,” says the Talmud, the sacred Jewish text. “We see things as we are.”

We are plagued with the ‘Because I can’ Syndrome. We have no immediate consequences for:
– working late
– not exercising

I bet your boss has never said that you will be demoted if you work later than 5:00PM. I also doubt that evaluating your exercise regime is part of your annual review. However, these lifestyle changes can be just as important (if not more so) to your effectiveness as being a workaholic.

Asked what it takes to be a great writer, Ernest Hemingway replied, “a
built in shock-proof crap dectector.”

Multi-tasking is the enemy of extraordinariness

What are the 3 things I want to accomplish today?