Things have changed

I was just thinking about how much my professional life has changed in the past two months. This occurred to me yesterday when I arrived at work (at the organization I joined two months ago) and realized how different my morning routine is now. My morning routine used to be:

1. Get to the office early before most of the team arrived (except for Brent-never could beat him)

2. Make the rounds to just about every person in the office

3. Ask each person how they were doing

4. Ask what was on their plate that day

5. Ask if there was anything I could do to help

My job was to first make sure people had what they needed to do their jobs and then get to work on my stuff.

What struck me recently is how close I had grown to the people on my team. After seven years with a small company, you become really tight. But for some reason, the full effect of separation hadn’t kicked in until recently.

Maybe what set it off was the stark difference in my routine now verses then. My routine now is much more observational. Because I’m still new to the Center and not fully submersed in the culture, I’m still figuring out what my “leadership” role looks like. Part of that involves really getting to know the people on our team, which will take time.

So, to my GCI and FBH peeps…I miss you guys! (But you’re probably glad I don’t come around and bug you every morning anymore)