Launching a movement

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not even about to claim that I know how to start a movement.

Most movements don’t start out trying to become movements anyway. Some of them start with a flash of an idea that catches on like wildwire.

But most of us aren’t so lucky. We have to work really hard at building a following for our companies, ministries, groups, whatever.

Part of it depends on how you define movement. If you define it by measuring against TOMS Shoes or Digg, then what we’ve done at Freedom Begins Here doesn’t even come close. If you consider 4,000 people on our email list, products in over 500 retailers and a handful of people signing up everyday to talk about issues no one else wants to talk about, then maybe we’re on to something. But whatever we’ve done, it never seems like enough.

What I have learned about building a movement comes down to some fairly simple principles:

1. Build a Content engine around something remarkable that you have created

2. Seek out a small but passionate Community of believers around that content

3. Facilitate and accelerate the community’s sharing of your content through creative Media

4. Be relentless in Daily communication that connects the content to the community through the media

As I’m writing this, I realize that I still have much to learn. But that’s alright. We all do.