How scrappy are you?

Scrappy organizations know how to get what they want.

Their process may not always be pretty, but they get it done.

They are full of fighting spirit which is what it takes to get a business off the ground.

What do I mean by “scrappy”?

The way I see it, to be scrappy is to be unafraid of rejection, ready to try anything, and resilient enough to get the sh*$ kicked out of you once in a while.

The funnest time to be part of a business is in the scrappy phase. This is a time with new breakthroughs every day, very few processes, a unified sense of direction, and a time when every little accomplishment feels like conquering Mt. Everest and every failure feels like jumping on a bike with no seat. It is a time of incredible creative energy. And anyone who tries to slow the momentum will get clipped at the knees.

Too many businesses lose their scrappy spirit as they grow. Hierarchy takes the place of bold decision making and rigid procedures replace spontaneous creativity.

No matter how big our company gets, I hope we keep kickin’ it scrappy style.

(Wow, even this post is kind of scrappy!)