When passion won’t pay the bills

I’ve always heard people say pursue your passion and the money will follow.

But what if the money doesn’t follow?

What if the thing you are most passionate about just won’t pay the bills?

For anyone reading this who knows about or is involved in the company I work for, please know that we are not going out of business any time soon! We have solid investors who are committed to seeing this through. I’m just contemplating the path we’ve been going down for several years now.

You see, for almost five years, we’ve been fervently launching a publishing company that produces and sells videos to help people deal with difficult issues. Millions of dollars, countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this (ok, maybe not the blood). Freedom Begins Here (our company) has become my passion. I want so badly to see it succeed.

We’ve overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We’ve developed our own sales and distribution model which people told us could not be done. We’ve seen lives radically changed because of our work.  But we have yet to see this venture become profitable.

Of one thing I am sure, it has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of passion. Our team is more passionate about seeing it work than we have ever been. We have the right people on board. We have a product that is proven to help people deal with one of the biggest (if not the biggest) moral/social issues of our time–pornography.

Yet, we have not achieved profitability. I constantly ask myself why. Is it something we are doing wrong? Is there something we should start doing? What is it? We’ve tried just about everything there is to try. The passion is there, and I’m convinced that once we discover the economic engine, we can provide plenty of high octane fuel to keep it running.

Until then, we will continue our passionate pursuit until the money does follow or until our passion leads us down another road.

And that’s just it, maybe our passion for this venture is preparing us for something we can’t see yet. Something even more exciting. I think if you truly follow your passion, you can’t just look at what’s currently happening. You have to look at where your passion is taking you. It may look very different from where you are today.