Linear and parallel – Seth Godin

On Seth Godin’s blog, he talks about the difference between linear and parallel projects. Parallel facilitates multiple people working on the same thing at once. Take wikipedia or Apple support forums for example. Linear can only handle one thing at a time. Take a one person customer support center for example. When things are linear, bottlenecks tend to form.

Seth goes on to talk about the one thing in an organization that should always start off linear: Sales.

“When you are linear in your sales process, you learn something. You don’t make the same mistake on each and every call. Instead, you make a few mistakes on your first call, then a few less and then, finally, you get it as right as you’re going to get it. That is when you go parallel, not before.”
Seth’s Blog: Linear and parallel

This is exactly what we are doing right now at Freedom Begins Here. We are creating a retail sales model with one person at the helm. This guy is on the phones all day every day selling our products into independent retail stores. At first he was rewriting his pitch every day. Now he has it down pat. And it works. We are now trying to decide when to replicate his model by adding people to the sales team. Then our linear model will become parallel.