Join the conversation

Your mom probably taught you that it’s rude to butt-in to a conversation you’re not a part of, right? It’s just not proper. And in some cases I think your mom would be right.

But in business (especially small business), I think it’s not only alright to jump in, I think it is necessary. If you have ideas, concerns, or insight to contribute, don’t be afraid to jump into a conversation even if you weren’t invited. Successful businesses need to move fast and change faster. If your ideas don’t make it into the till, your team could miss an opportunity to be best in class and you miss the opportunity to claim a piece of it.

You will need to flex your social intelligence muscles when you do this. People don’t like a know-it-all or an attention-craving bonehead who constantly butts in. Go in with humility. Listen to what’s going on and look for an opportunity to chime in.

You may not always be asked to join in. Just don’t assume that not being asked means your opinion isn’t valued or needed. It is!

Don’t wait to be asked. You might miss your chance.