What a difference a weekend makes

A couple of weekends ago, Jameson and I built a track for some digital film projects we are working on.

The current projects are actually for our company, but we decided to go ahead and spend our time and money to build this piece of equipment.  For about $100 and 7 hours of labor, we built something that instantly took our cinematography capability to a whole new level.

The question I keep asking myself is, why in the 20 year history of the company has no one set aside a weekend and built this elemental component of film making?

Please know that I am in no way questioning the motivation of our employees, in fact, I’m asking myself why it took me six years to decide to do this.

I think the answer has a lot to do with culture.  Our culture has changed dramatically in the past two years and especially in the past six months.  We’ve seen 15 and 20 year employees leave and new people join the team.  We’re experiencing shifts in our core customers.  We’re all a little uncomfortable.  Yet through all of this uncomfortable change, something exciting is happening.  It is palpable.  You can hear it, feel it, see it and taste it throughout the day.  Not everyone is comfortable with it, but everyone understands that if we want to survive we have to change.

A culture of survival is very motivating.  Motivating enough for me to give up a weekend and a little cash out of my pocket to make darn sure we did everything possible to not only survive, but to change the future of our company.